The Tapes

Information on Walter's tapes from season 5 that contained the various parts of the plan to defeat the Observers.

Tape 1

Seen in S05E02 - In Absentia.


WALTER: "Whoever you are, if you found this tape, you've retrieved it from Amber. If you are watching this, then you know very well that the Observers have invaded, and I am most probably dead, and unfortunately my plan to stop them has failed. I have documented all the parts of the plan on videotapes. You must recover each tape and follow the instructions on each of those tapes to retrieve all the parts of the plan. Once you do so, what you need to do will be clear to you. If successful, this plan will restore us and rid the world of the Observers. You were chosen for this. This is your destiny. I understand if you're frightened. It will not be easy, but I trust that the same will that brought you here will keep you going. It is important that you follow the tapes. You must begin this journey right away. You are humanity's only hope! Now you must retrieve the first tape."

Tape 2

Seen in S05E04 - The Bullet that Saved the World.


WALTER: "Welcome to tape two of my plan to defeat the Observers. Before we begin, first and foremost, you must accept the reversibility of all phenomena... particles have their speeds reversed, then the changes [...] found a measurable effect. Let me be crystal clear [...] understanding of these scientific concepts [...] will not be fighting in the same field. These are the plans that we must follow to the letter [...] imperative that these plans be retrieved. I have hidden them as I would my most prized possession. It's a funny story, actually. When I was a boy, my mother would take me on what she called 'Manhattan Mystery Tours'. We would catch the first train that came to the station, and then we would venture into the city and get off at the first [...] I'll never forget [...]"

Tape 3

Seen in S05E03 - The Recordist.


WALTER: "Welcome to tape three of my plan to defeat the Observers. Hopefully by now you know that all things laid out in these videotapes must be retrieved. This tape will explain one of the most crucial elements that you will need. You will need to find your way to Pennsylvania, latitude and longitude coordinates forty-nine degrees, twenty minutes, two seconds north, seventy-nine degrees, twelve minutes, and thirty-two seconds west. Now, when you arrive at the designated place, you will need to locate a mine. The mineral you are looking for is a crystallized form of quartz that contains in perfect proportion [...] they will unlock its potential and create a powerful energy source. I will explicitly outline these refining methods in tape six... or seven. Without this energy source, we will not be able to implement the final phase of our plan. To my best calculations, we will need at least eighteen kilograms of the crystals. That is about forty pounds in Imperial measures."

Tape 4


Tape 5

Seen in S05E07 - Five-Twenty-Ten.


WALTER: "This is tape five of my plan to defeat the Observers. This is what you must achieve next. These cylinders were designed by the invaders. They are Beacons that allow them to locate different points in spacetime. You will need two of them. This is where you will find them. From the East entrance, follow the hallway, two yellow doors [...] they lead to a staircase. At the bottom of that staircase, you will find the private storage of William Bell. At the time of recording this, Bell was keeping two Observer cylinders in that storage facility. You must retrieve them. The doors are made of reinforced steel. They can be unlocked with Bell's handprint. If you cannot find Bell or if you learn that he is dead, you will have to unlock the storage by other [...] that you will be [...] your freedom depends on it!"

Tape 6


Tape 7

Seen in S05E06 - Through the Looking-Glass and What Walter Found There.


WALTER: "Hello, it's me. But you know that already. This is tape seven. I don't have much time, so I’m going to show you how to get the next piece of the plan and explain on the way. At the moment, I am on Quincy Street heading South. The Red Line to Worcester Union Station. Whatever mode of transport you choose is entirely [...] I have created, or rather, we have created a unique and efficient hiding place for a critical piece of the plan to defeat the Observers. It is undetectable to the Observers' instruments. As I have mentioned... may I help you?... as I mentioned, I have had some experience with transversing parallel universes. What we have done is we have opened a space in the membrane that separates the two universes. A 'pocket universe', if you will. [...] This is very important. Do not, under any circumstances... is that raspberry filling? Raspberry, is it? Two. [...] Now, since the pocket universe exists in inter-dimensional space, many of the usual laws of physics won't apply. And there are few places on Earth where two plus two does not equal four. And this is one of them. It can be quite disturbing. Try not to worry about it. This tape will guide you every step of the way. [...] Here we are. 167 Cedar Street. Now we need to make our way to the fourth floor, apartment 413. Hopefully without running into this tyrannical..."
NEIGHBOR: "You again! You're a friend of that renter up on four, aren't you?"
WALTER: "More of a colleague."
NEIGHBOR: "Well, I don't know what you're doing up there in that apartment, but if I hear any more strange noise, I'm calling the super!"
DONALD: "Hi, Walter."
WALTER: "Take this. My arms are getting tired. [...] Uh, Donald [...] make sure it's the right [...] Your eyes are not deceiving you. The effect is caused by light refracted off... well, nevermind, that's not important. But down here, these lines denote the trans-dimensional demarcation. They'll prove useful. You will need to refer to them. Donald, leave the camera with me. I realize, whoever you are, that this must seem very complicated. It is. Extremely. But don't fret. It will all become clear once we're safely inside. The sequence goes like this. Now, kick out ninety degrees to the right. Back two meters. And then to the left. And pivot two hundred and ten degrees to the left. And step out. Donald, how are we doing? Am I in focus?"
DONALD: "Not yet."
WALTER: "I'll wait."
DONALD: "We're ready."
WALTER: "You are now in the pocket universe. Don't be alarmed. You will notice that things work differently here. You'll see a door. Go through it. You'll see a long hallway. Turn..."
DONALD: "Left, Walter."
WALTER: "Left. Thank you, Donald. Follow me. What you're about to find is very important. Now, reaching the hallway, turn right. Not left. If you continue on to where the hall you're in dead-ends, you will find that it's not a dead end at all. Are you getting this, Donald?"
DONALD: "Yes, Walter."
WALTER: "Because it doesn't look like the camera's recording."
DONALD: "It's fine, Walter."
WALTER: "But the light's not on! Wait, no, now it's on. This way."
DONALD: "Walter, wait."
WALTER: "What's wrong? Why aren't you coming? Oh, dear. Are you afraid? There's nothing to be afraid of. Have you ever read 'Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There'? This place is like that. [...] The key is to know what you're looking for. In this case, we're looking for the apple. The forbidden fruit. The root of all knowledge. It will mark the place where you'll be staying for what, I promise, will be a short time. And it will be safe and comfortable, I assure you. We're nearly there. Now we're looking for an apple. This one, look at it, Donald. Well, I wonder where it could be? Would it... Oh. Oh-ho! Here we are! Oh, just wait here now. Donald, please. We designed this room just for you. You must stay here and wait for us to return and get you. Oh, for us, it could be quite a long time, but for you, it will seem like no time at all. [...] Now you see where we've kept him. To understand his purpose, refer to tape eight. Cut it."

Tape 8

Seen in S05E08 - The Human Kind.


WALTER: "This is tape eight. There is a scrap yard located in the town of Fitchburg, forty-six miles northwest of Boston. You will go to Fitchburg and acquire an industrial-size electromagnet. You may have seen this kind of magnet used in automobile junking, construction, demolition. But as I say, it is an indus- [...] extremely large and extremely powerful."