Of Human Action

Season 2, Episode 07
Aired: November 12th, 2009
Written By: Robert Chiappetta, Glen Whitman
Directed By: Joe Chappelle

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Of Human Action

The Glyphs

This episode's glyphs spell: A-R-R-I-V-E

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The Observer

The Observer can be seen behind a parked silver car as the NYPD car turns into a parking garage.


Timestamp: 00:50

Episode Clues

Previous Episode Clue

The patient record for 'CARSON, D' in 'Earthling' foreshadows Dr. Carson's involvement in the cloning experiments in 'Of Human Action'.

Previous episode clue

Timestamp: 12:43

Next Episode Clue

The simulated aircraft in 'Of Human Action' has markings on it that say "AUG B/12" and "RESCUE", foreshadowing August saving Christine Hollis from a plane crash in 'August'.

Next episode clue

Timestamp: 23:28

Items of Interest

  • Nina mentioned the Penrose-Carson experiments. Dr. Penrose was overseeing the accelerated birth experiments from 'The Same Old Story', indicating a larger network of biological experimentation.

JJ Abrams Easter Eggs

  • There's a Slusho! ad in the convenience store. (Slusho!) (Image 1)
Item of interest: Slusho!
Image 1: Slusho!
Timestamp: 08:04

Fringe Division Case File

U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
121 105th Street • Washington, DC 20735
Phone: (202) 555-2100 • Fax: (202) 555-2101
E-mail: washington.fbi@fbi.com


FRINGE EVENT: Brainwave amplification drug




FILE ARCHIVED BY: Tiffanie Bittle

WITNESSES/CONTACTS: Dr. James Carson, Agent Balick, Renee Davies, Seth Davies


VICTIM(S): Officer Gibson, Officer Williams, 2 NYPD officers, store customer, store clerk, Tom Dobbins, Officer Jenks, Special Agent-in-Charge Phillip Broyles (in treatment), Tyler Carson (suspect; in treatment), Peter Bishop



NYPD reported Tyler Carson (15) kidnapped by Patrick Hickey and Tom Dobbins. The Kidnappers called authorities demanding two million dollars in unmarked bills to be left at the industrial park off I-78, at Western Newark Airport, or Tyler Carson would die. Tyler's father, Dr. James Carson, works for Fleming-Monroe on sensitive and highly classified military aircraft designs, piloting software, and guidance systems. Investigations determined the kidnappers were behaving totally out of character, which led to the discovery that Tyler Carson was controlling them mentally.
 Dr. Carson was working on a pharmaceutical enhancement drug to amplify brainwaves for pilots. He brought samples home for further research, which Tyler Carson stole and ingested. Mixed with Tyler Carson's medication for attention deficit disorder, the drug made the teen unstable, resulting in collateral deaths as he journeyed to meet Renee Davies, his biological mother, in Maryland. After he kidnapped Peter Bishop, Tyler Carson was classified a national security threat. Headquarters believed the boy was working with a foreign handler. Tyler Carson may have been recruited to deliver a multimillion dollar defense project to our country's enemies. He was stopped by a device that wiped his brain of all thought. Sentence: psychological counseling.

Walter's Food

Walter complained that there was no food at the crime scene, hypothesized that human brains taste like chicken, and made crepes.
Connection: Crepes
Timestamp: 40:52

Notable Quotes

NINA SHARP: "William, I don't know if you've been receiving these messages, but I continue to hope. I wanted to update you on the status of the Penrose-Carson experiments. One of the Tylers did, in fact, display a rather dramatic ability for mind control. But before we became aware of his ability, there were some unintended consequences. Among them, he was able to locate records of his surrogate mother, and, unfortunately, made a misguided attempt to reunite with her. In light of this, I am suspending the experiments indefinitely. You were right; mind control is possible, given the right conditions. So despite the unfortunate circumstances, we can consider the project a success. As always, I hope this finds you in good health.
Warmest Regards,

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Episode Connections

S1E02 - The Same Old Story

  • Nina refers to the Penrose-Carson experiments in 'Of Human Action', an episode about a boy who is revealed to be a clone. His father, Dr. Carson, was actually just the lead scientist on the cloning project. The Penrose-Carson experiments suggest that the clones are linked to Dr. Penrose's experiments in rapid aging in 'The Same Old Story'.

Spoilers for future episodes below!

S2E15 - Peter

  • WALTER in 'Of Human Action': "I can't lose him again."
      This refers to Walter losing his Peter in 'Peter'.