Season 3, Episode 14
Aired: February 18th, 2011
Written By: Glen Whitman, Robert Chiappetta
Directed By: Thomas Yatsko

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The Glyphs

This episode's glyphs spell: H-E-A-R-T-S

This fringe event was generated by intense love and grief shared between two people in opposite universes.

Glyph symbol HGlyph symbol EGlyph symbol AGlyph symbol RGlyph symbol TGlyph symbol S
Glyph symbol H
Glyph symbol E
Glyph symbol A
Glyph symbol R
Glyph symbol T
Glyph symbol S

The Observer

The Observer can be seen walking past Chris and Sylvia as they walk to the party.


Timestamp: 00:57

Episode Clues

Previous Episode Clue

The license plate of one of the victims in 'Immortality' is "APT6B", foreshadowing the apartment under investigation in '6B'.

Previous episode clue

Timestamp: 20:11

Next Episode Clue

The "Tulip Food Store" signage in '6B' foreshadows Olivia and Peter meeting for the first time in a field of tulips in 'Subject 13'.

Next episode clue

Timestamp: 00:52

Items of Interest

  • Mrs. Marcello goes to the Schrödinger Hotel after she abandons her home in the Rosencrantz Building. Erwin Schrödinger is a famous founding quantum physicist.
  • Walter flipping the coin and getting ten heads in a row while inside the Rosencrantz building is a reference to the play "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" which starts with the two main characters betting on coin flips that keep coming up heads.
  • The yellow dot in the final glyph of the episode is replaced by a yellow heart. (Image 1)
Item of interest: Heart-shaped dot
Image 1: Heart-shaped dot
Timestamp: 43:08

Fringe Division Case File

U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
121 105th Street • Washington, DC 20735
Phone: (202) 555-2100 • Fax: (202) 555-2101
E-mail: washington.fbi@fbi.com


FRINGE EVENT: Emotional quantum entanglement




FILE ARCHIVED BY: Guilherme Maria Mendes Pata

WITNESSES/CONTACTS: Jimmy Smith, Kim Kimball, Rick Kimball, Alice Merchant, Derek Merchant

LOCATION: Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

VICTIM(S): 6 partygoers, Sylvia [redacted], Chris [redacted]


In Park Slope, six people attending a party on the seventh story fell to their deaths as if they just fell through a solid floor. The Rosencrantz Building has long been suspected of being haunted because of unexplained phenomena. While investigating, Dr. Bishop flipped a coin ten times and got heads every time, odds so inconceivable that he determined the laws of physics were being disrupted. Fearing a tear that could potentially lead to a vortex, Dr. Bishop and Agent Broyles sanctioned an amber containment protocol like the kind used in the alternate universe.
 Further investigation revealed that resident Alice Merchant was mourning the loss of her husband, Derek Merchant, and he was appearing to her. Dr. Bishop said she was mistaking the other universe's Derek Merchant for her husband. But Peter Bishop and Agent Dunham theorized that these two people, both grieving for a version of each other in the exact same spot, were somehow causing the soft spot. They were convinced they could break the connection before the vortex became critical, and they were successful. The building and residents remain intact.

Walter's Food

Walter made blueberry pancakes and ate a hot dog.
Connection: Blueberry pancakes
Blueberry pancakes
Timestamp: 03:58
Connection: Hot dog
Hot dog
Timestamp: 08:08

Connection Chart

A visualization of all the ways this episode connects to other episodes. Scroll down to see the actual connections.

Episode Connections

S1E03 - The Ghost Network

  • In '6B' Walter mentioned the chemical amber attack on the commuter bus from 'The Ghost Network' when he realized he may have to secure the apartment building in amber.

S1E08 - The Equation

  • The 'green-green-green-red' pattern from 'The Equation' appeared on the Amber dispersal device when it was initially activated in '6B'
Connection: Green-green-green-red
S3E14 - 6B
Timestamp: 34:59

Spoilers for future episodes below!

S3E15 - Subject 13

  • Olivia saw Peter glimmer when they kissed in '6B'. She was nervous about restarting her relationship with Peter. In 'Subject 13' Walter discovered that young Olivia's abilities triggered when she experienced a combination of fear and love, the same things she felt during the kiss.

S3E16 - Os

  • WALTERin '6B': "Belly and I used to argue about this constantly: 'What happens to the body's energy after death?'. William theorized we should be able to capture that energy using what he called Soul Magnets."
    PETER: "It's a catchy name."
    WALTER: "He said if he were right, he would contact me from The Great Beyond. I haven't gotten the call yet."

      In 'Os' the team learned that Bell had enacted his Soul Magnet plan before death using Olivia as a host.

S4E13 - A Better Human Being

  • OLIVIA in 'A Better Human Being': "We had that case, that couple in apartment 6B. The woman who lost her husband. After, I came back here. And then we went upstairs. I remember."
      As Olivia continued to regain her memories in 'A Better Human Being' she mentioned remembering the events of '6B'.

S5E04 - The Bullet that Saved the World

  • An ambering device, first (nearly) used by the Blueverse Fringe team in '6B', was seen in Walter's storage vault in 'The Bullet that Saved the World'.
Connection: Amber device
Amber device
S3E14 - 6B
Timestamp: 30:05
Connection: Amber device
Amber device
S5E04 - The Bullet That Saved the World
Timestamp: 14:29