The Redverse

Listed below are all the differences between the Blueverse (our universe) and the Redverse (the alternate universe) seen throughout Fringe, arranged by episode and with pictures and timestamps wherever appropriate.

S1E20 - There's More Than One of Everything

  • The Obamas were to move into a new White House. (Image 1)
  • Former President Kennedy is alive.
  • Len Bias played for the Celtics and never overdosed.
Difference: Headlines
Image 1: Headlines

S2E14 - Jacksonville

  • Their Manhattan is spelled 'Manhatan'. (Image 1)
  • Real coffee is hard to come by.
  • 9/11 terrorists struck the Pentagon and the White House. (Image 2)
  • Richard Nixon is on the silver dollar. (Image 3)
  • They have double-decker cars. (Image 4)
Difference: Manhatan
Image 1: Manhatan
Difference: New Pentagon blueprints
Image 2: New Pentagon blueprints
Difference: Nixon silver dollar
Image 3: Nixon silver dollar
Difference: Double-decker car
Image 4: Double-decker car

S2E15 - Peter

S2E18 - The Man from the Other Side

  • The White House got a new glass roof. (Image 1)
  • The American flag has 48 stars. (Image 2)
Difference: White House glass roof
Image 1: White House glass roof
Difference: American flag
Image 2: American flag

S2E21 - Over There (Part 1)

  • They use Show Me cards for identification.
  • Fringe division has to quarantine dangerous zones in amber. (Image 1)
  • They don't know who Andrew Jackson is and they have Martin Luther King, Jr. on the $20 bill. (Image 2)
  • Their Statue of Liberty is still copper-colored (presumably because they have the technology to combat oxidation). (Image 3)
  • Their Department of Defense is on Liberty Island in New York. (Image 4)
  • The states in America are somewhat different. Texas is split into North and South, there is just one Dakota, Kansas and Oklahoma are merged, and half of California is gone. There's no indication of Hawaii or Alaska. Click here for more information. (Image 5)
  • The West Wing is on season 11. (Image 6)
  • Cabbage Patch Dolls are still popular. (Image 7)
  • They have the White Pages instead of the Yellow Pages. (Image 8)
  • They have a U.S. dollar coin depicting Richard Nixon. (Image 9)
Difference: Quarantine device
Image 1: Quarantine device
Difference: $20 bill
Image 2: $20 bill
Difference: Statue of Liberty
Image 3: Statue of Liberty
Difference: Department of Defense
Image 4: Department of Defense
Difference: United States map
Image 5: United States map
Difference: The West Wing
Image 6: The West Wing
Difference: Cabbage Patch Dolls
Image 7: Cabbage Patch Dolls
Difference: The White Pages
Image 8: The White Pages
Difference: Dollar coin
Image 9: Dollar coin

S2E22 - Over There (Part 2)

  • Antoni Gaudi's cancelled 1908 New York hotel project Hotel Attraction has been built in New York City and is called The Grand Hotel. (Image 1)
  • Madison Square Garden was quarantined in 1999. (Image 2)
  • Liberty Island, location of the Department of Defense, was appropriated by the revised Eminent Domain provision of the Earth Protection Act in 1989. (Image 3)
  • John F. Kennedy wasn't assassinated. (Image 4)
  • Almost all of Boston has been quarantined. (Image 5)
  • They have Kentucky Grilled Chicken. (Image 6)
  • William Bell did not open Massive Dynamic in the Redverse.
  • They have a "Red Lantern/Red Arrow" comic series (instead of "Green Lantern/Green Arrow"), "Superman: The Man of Steel Returns" (instead of "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns"), "Crisis on Infinite Earths" with Superman and Supergirl swapped, "Justice League Vol 1 1" with Jonah Hex (instead of Guy Gardner), and "The Death of Batman" poly bag (instead of The Death of Superman). (Image 7)
  • Peter's kidnapping was a famous story in the Redverse, and they did not have the Lindbergh kidnapping.
  • The Transamerica Pyramid is in the New York City skyline instead of in San Francisco. (Image 8)
  • William Bell in the Redverse was killed in a car accident as a young man. He never worked with Walternate.
  • A movie theater shows 'Superman Vs. Batman' and 'Indiana Jones & The Hex of the Hydra'. (Image 9)
  • A movie theater shows 'Star Wars - Legion of the Droids'. (Image 10)
  • Harvard University has a campus in Medford, MA. (Image 11)
  • A movie theater shows 'Smokey & the Bandit: The Final Lap' and 'Mask vs. Joker'. (Image 12)
  • They have huge bees (a nurse asked a patient "How big were the bees? This big? Bigger than a grapefruit?").
Difference: The Grand Hotel
Image 1: The Grand Hotel
Difference: Madison Square Garden
Image 2: Madison Square Garden
Difference: Liberty Island
Image 3: Liberty Island
Difference: John F. Kennedy
Image 4: John F. Kennedy
Difference: Quarantine map
Image 5: Quarantine map
Difference: Kentucky Grilled Chicken
Image 6: Kentucky Grilled Chicken
Difference: Alternate DC comics
Image 7: Alternate DC comics
Difference: Transamerica Pyramid
Image 8: Transamerica Pyramid
Difference: Movies
Image 9: Movies
Difference: Star Wars
Image 10: Star Wars
Difference: Medford campus sign
Image 11: Medford campus sign
Difference: Movies
Image 12: Movies

S3E01 - Olivia

  • They have the musical DOGS instead of CATS. (Image 1)
  • Tom Cruise is a TV star, not a film star.
  • Massive Dynamic does not exist. (Image 2)
  • Shell and Exxon have merged into Shexxon. (Image 3)
  • People are playing cricket in the park, implying that cricket is a common sport in Redverse America. (Image 4)
  • People ride penny-farthings. (Image 5)
  • The Department of Defense seal has no eagle and has swords instead of arrows. (Image 6)
Difference: DOGS musical
Image 1: DOGS musical
Difference: No Massive Dynamic
Image 2: No Massive Dynamic
Difference: Shexxon
Image 3: Shexxon
Difference: Cricket
Image 4: Cricket
Difference: Penny-farthing
Image 5: Penny-farthing
Difference: Department of Defense seal
Image 6: Department of Defense seal

S3E02 - The Box

  • They don't have U2; Fauxlivia had never heard of Bono. (Image 1)
Difference: Bono
Image 1: Bono

S3E03 - The Plateau

  • They had an Aruba War. (Image 1)
  • Pens are rare.
  • The 'United States Postal Service' is called 'U.S. Mail Service' and has a slightly different logo. (Image 2)
  • There are places where the air quality is so bad that people need oxygen masks. (Image 3)
  • They still have smallpox outbreaks.
  • Avocados are hard to come by.
  • A bus has an ad for Rappaport's Toy Bazaar which closed down in the Blueverse in 1981. (Image 4)
Difference: Aruba War vet
Image 1: Aruba War vet
Difference: U.S. Mail Service
Image 2: U.S. Mail Service
Difference: Air quality/oxygen sign
Image 3: Air quality/oxygen sign
Difference: Rappaport's Toy Bazaar ad
Image 4: Rappaport's Toy Bazaar ad

S3E05 - Amber 31422

  • "The stuff that dreams are made of" was said by Cary Grant rather than Humphrey Bogart.
  • There's a Nixon Parkway in New York City.

S3E06 - 6955 kHz

  • They don't have the proverb "All's fair in love and war."

S3E07 - The Abducted

  • There's a New Yonkers in New York. (Image 1)
  • The Peter Bishop act of 1991 says that every kidnapping is treated like a possible Fringe event.
  • Red Vines are a new candy. (Image 2)
  • Their F.B.I. ceased to exist more than a decade ago.
  • A voice on the radio in Henry's cab can be heard saying "Leading politicians from two of the three major parties favor the..." suggesting that American politics in the Redverse has three major parties as opposed to just two in the Blueverse.
  • The movie Casablanca may not exist in the Redverse because Fauxlivia was totally unfamiliar with it.
  • They have a 'Quarantine Zone' board game ("Can you escape before it's too late?"). (Image 3)
Difference: New Yonkers
Image 1: New Yonkers
Difference: Red Vines
Image 2: Red Vines
Difference: 'Quarantine Zone' board game
Image 3: 'Quarantine Zone' board game

S3E08 - Entrada

  • Their Penn Station is called Springsteen Station. (Image 1)
  • Wollman Rink in Central Park is domed. (Image 2)
Difference: Springsteen Station
Image 1: Springsteen Station
Difference: Wollman Rink
Image 2: Wollman Rink

S3E13 - Immortality

  • All the sheep died out 10 years ago.
  • They use zeppelins for transportation. (Image 1)
  • They have a zeppelin airline called Gotham Air.
Difference: Zeppelin used for transportation
Image 1: Zeppelin used for transportation

S3E15 - Subject 13

  • The Dodgers play in Brooklyn.
  • They don't have peanut M&Ms (possibly).
  • Walternate formed Bishop Dynamic in the same location as the Jacksonville daycare center. (Image 1)
Difference: Bishop Dynamic
Image 1: Bishop Dynamic

S3E18 - Bloodline

  • They have an 'Opus the Peahen' comic (rather than 'Opus the Penguin'). (Image 1)
  • The West Wing is on season 12. (Image 2)
  • Francis Ford Coppola directed Taxi Driver.
  • America might use the metric system; a Fringe agent measured speed in kilometers per hour.
Difference: Opus the Peahen
Image 1: Opus the Peahen
Difference: The West Wing
Image 2: The West Wing

S4E02 - One Night in October

  • Their gas prices (in 2011) were $.99/gallon. (Image 1)
Difference: Price of gasoline
Image 1: Price of gasoline

S4E08 - Back to Where You've Never Been

  • There were "The Amber Riots of '06".
  • They have American Topographic magazine instead of National Geographic. (Image 1)
Difference: <i>American Topographic</i> magazine
Image 1: American Topographic magazine

S4E11 - Making Angels

  • They don't have Logan International Airport in Boston.
  • They don't have TSA.

S4E17 - Everything in Its Right Place

  • Their Batman is called Mantis.
  • They have moving newspapers like in Harry Potter. (Image 1)
  • Millard Fillmore appears on some type of currency.
  • The manhunt for Dawes begins North of Harlem heading up Copenhagen Avenue, towards 146th St. In the Blueverse, the comparable location is Amsterdam Avenue and 146th St. This suggests that Redverse New York City had Danish origins, not Dutch.
  • The USSR still exists. (Image 2)
Difference: Moving newspaper
Image 1: Moving newspaper
Difference: USSR
Image 2: USSR

S4E18 - The Consultant

  • They don't have black boxes on planes.
  • They have domesticated badgers as pets. (Image 1)
  • They have a new Ebbets Field. (Image 2)
  • They don't have Sherlock Holmes.
Difference: Badger food
Image 1: Badger food
Difference: New Ebbets Field
Image 2: New Ebbets Field

S4E20 - Worlds Apart

  • They haven't had rainbows in over 20 years.

S5E12 - Liberty

  • There's a museum in Tribeca called 'Alternative Museum'. (Image 1)
  • Chelsea Clinton was running for president. (Image 2)
  • Detroit was voted the safest city in America. (Image 3)
  • Warner Bros. announced a remake of the Harry Potter series. (Image 4)
Difference: Alternative Museum
Image 1: Alternative Museum
Difference: Chelsea Clinton
Image 2: Chelsea Clinton
Difference: Detroit
Image 3: Detroit
Difference: Harry Potter
Image 4: Harry Potter