Over There (Part 2)

Over There (Part 2)

Season 2, Episode 22
Aired: May 20th, 2010
Written By: Jeff Pinkner, J. H. Wyman, Akiva Goldsman
Directed By: Akiva Goldsman

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In this episode, Walter and Olivia continue their quest to retrieve Peter while Bell intercedes and helps them with their mission. In an action-packed climax, Olivia is kidnapped and Fauxlivia takes her place for the return trip home, leaving Olivia stranded in the alternate universe.

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This episode's glyphs spell:


A chalkboard in Walternate's old Harvard lab in the Redverse said "A demon's twist rusts", which is an anagram for "Don't trust Sam Weiss", hinting at Sam Weiss's significance to the unfolding plot.

Glyph symbol WGlyph symbol EGlyph symbol IGlyph symbol SGlyph symbol S
Glyph symbol W
Glyph symbol E
Glyph symbol I
Glyph symbol S
Glyph symbol S


The Observer can be seen walking behind Olivia, Walter, and William Bell as they're eating fast food.



Previous Episode Clue

Fauxlivia is positioned in front of a solid blue painting in 'Over There (Part 1)' foreshadowing her switch with Olivia, her Blueverse doppelganger, in 'Over There (Part 2)'.

Previous episode clue

Next Episode Clue


Next episode clue


  • Madison Square Garden in the Redverse is quarantined in amber. (Image 1)
  • Part of Harvard University in the Redverse is quarantined in amber. (Image 2)
  • "A Demon's Twist Rusts", written on the chalkboard in the Harvard lab in the Redverse, is an anagram for "Don't Trust Sam Weiss". (Image 3)
  • William Bell in the Redverse was killed in a car accident as a young man. He never worked with Walternate.
  • Fauxlivia's mother is alive but her sister died in childbirth. Olivia's sister is alive but their mother is dead.
  • Peter can interface with the power source for the Machine. (Image 4)
  • Bell created the Shapeshifters.
Item of interest: Madison Square Garden quarantined
Image 1
Madison Square Garden quarantined
Item of interest: Part of Harvard quarantined
Image 2
Part of Harvard quarantined
Item of interest: 'A Demon's Twist Rusts'
Image 3
'A Demon's Twist Rusts'
Item of interest: Peter with part of The Machine
Image 4
Peter with part of The Machine


Deleted Scenes


  • The hand glyph can be seen on the piano stool in the Orpheum Theater in the Redverse.
Glyph Sighting: Hand glyph
Hand glyph


  • Antoni Gaudi's cancelled 1908 New York hotel project Hotel Attraction has been built in New York City and is called The Grand Hotel. (Image 1)
  • Madison Square Garden was quarantined in 1999. (Image 2)
  • Liberty Island, location of the Department of Defense, was appropriated by the revised Eminent Domain provision of the Earth Protection Act in 1989. (Image 3)
  • John F. Kennedy wasn't assassinated. (Image 4)
  • Almost all of Boston has been quarantined. (Image 5)
  • They have Kentucky Grilled Chicken. (Image 6)
  • William Bell did not open Massive Dynamic in the Redverse.
  • They have a "Red Lantern/Red Arrow" comic series (instead of "Green Lantern/Green Arrow"), "Superman: The Man of Steel Returns" (instead of "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns"), "Crisis on Infinite Earths" with Superman and Supergirl swapped, "Justice League Vol 1 1" with Jonah Hex (instead of Guy Gardner), and "The Death of Batman" poly bag (instead of The Death of Superman). (Image 7)
  • Peter's kidnapping was a famous story in the Redverse, and they did not have the Lindbergh kidnapping.
  • The Transamerica Pyramid is in the New York City skyline instead of in San Francisco. (Image 8)
  • William Bell in the Redverse was killed in a car accident as a young man. He never worked with Walternate.
  • A movie theater shows 'Superman Vs. Batman' and 'Indiana Jones & The Hex of the Hydra'. (Image 9)
  • A movie theater shows 'Star Wars - Legion of the Droids'. (Image 10)
  • Harvard University has a campus in Medford, MA. (Image 11)
  • A movie theater shows 'Smokey & the Bandit: The Final Lap' and 'Mask vs. Joker'. (Image 12)
  • They have huge bees (a nurse asked a patient "How big were the bees? This big? Bigger than a grapefruit?").
Redverse: <b>Image 1:</b> The Grand Hotel
Image 1: The Grand Hotel
Redverse: <b>Image 2:</b> Madison Square Garden
Image 2: Madison Square Garden
Redverse: <b>Image 3:</b> Liberty Island
Image 3: Liberty Island
Redverse: <b>Image 4:</b> John F. Kennedy
Image 4: John F. Kennedy
Redverse: <b>Image 5:</b> Quarantine map
Image 5: Quarantine map
Redverse: <b>Image 6:</b> Kentucky Grilled Chicken
Image 6: Kentucky Grilled Chicken
Redverse: <b>Image 7:</b> Alternate DC comics
Image 7: Alternate DC comics
Redverse: <b>Image 8:</b> Transamerica Pyramid
Image 8: Transamerica Pyramid
Redverse: <b>Image 9:</b> Movies
Image 9: Movies
Redverse: <b>Image 10:</b> Star Wars
Image 10: Star Wars
Redverse: <b>Image 11:</b> Medford campus sign
Image 11: Medford campus sign
Redverse: <b>Image 12:</b> Movies
Image 12: Movies


Walter had Kentucky Grilled Chicken.
Walter's Food: Kentucky Grilled Chicken
Kentucky Grilled Chicken


William Bell:
"Creating Massive Dynamic was not my idea, Walter. We both talked about borrowing this world's technologies to help our own."
William Bell (on creating the Shapeshifters):
"I had little choice. If I wanted to keep tabs on Walternate, I had to remain valuable to him."


A visualization of all the ways this episode connects to other episodes. Scroll down to see the actual connections.
Connection chart: Over There (Part 2)


S1E01 - Pilot

  • Alt Charlie (to Fauxlivia in "Over There (Part 2)"):
    "I gotta tell you, Livvy, this job isn't what it was ten years ago. You've got alternate universes, I mean, it just... just wasn't part of my training, you know? I mean, how are we supposed to fight these people? Truth is, Livvy, this makes me feel obsolete, you know?"

    This mirrors what Charlie said to Olivia earlier.

    Charlie (in "Pilot"):
    "Job isn't what it was ten years ago. We're supposed to protect the world, where one breath of the wrong air can incinerate you from the inside out. I mean, how do we protect people, when corporations have higher security clearances than we do? When we're not fully briefed on half the things that we're investigating. You know, when the truth, the truth is... we're obsolete."

S1E03 - The Ghost Network

  • The bus in "The Ghost Network" was ambered. Huge sections of cities were ambered in the Redverse in "Over There (Part 2)". (Image 1)
Connection: Amber in Boston
Image 1
S2E22 - Over There (Part 2)
Amber in Boston

S1E19 - The Road Not Taken

  • Walter (in "The Road Not Taken"):
    "Matter is just energy waiting to happen. The average adult at rest contains enough potential energy to explode with the force of five very large hydrogen bombs."

    William Bell provided all of the energy in his body to fuel a universe hop for Walter, Peter, and Fauxlivia in "Over There (Part 2)". (Image 1)

Connection: Bell's energy
Image 1
S2E22 - Over There (Part 2)
Bell's energy

S2E02 - Night of Desirable Objects

  • Walter (in "Night of Desirable Objects"):
    "Traveling to an alternate reality has its consequences."

    He suffered some of those consequences in "Over There (Part 2)".


S2E04 - Momentum Deferred

  • William Bell (in "Over There (Part 2)"):
    "I've travelled between universes so many times, my atoms are ready to split apart with the slightest provocation."

    William Bell was unwell and needed oxygen in Olivia's memories in "Momentum Deferred" which could be because of how many times he crossed over. (Image 1)

Connection: Bell taking oxygen
Image 1
S2E04 - Momentum Deferred
Bell taking oxygen

S2E10 - Grey Matters

  • A flashback at the end of "Grey Matters" revealed that it was William Bell who removed the pieces of Walter's brain. In "Over There (Part 2)" Bell said he removed the pieces at Walter's own request due to fears about the man he was becoming. (Image 1)
Connection: Bell as Dr. Paris
Image 1
S2E10 - Grey Matters
Bell as Dr. Paris

S2E18 - The Man from the Other Side

  • The dying shapeshifter in "The Man from the Other Side" apologized to Walter for failing because it thought he was Walternate, the man who ordered the mission in "Over There (Part 2)".

S3E10 - The Firefly

  • In a deleted scene from "Over There (Part 2)", Walternate was driving with Peter and said that Violet Sedan Chair's 3rd album was his favorite. Peter said they only had 1 album in the Blueverse. Roscoe Joyce told Walter why the band broke up prematurely in "The Firefly".

S3E15 - Subject 13

  • The posters from Peter's Redverse bedroom in "Subject 13" were hung on the wall when Walternate took him back in "Over There (Part 2)" in order to bring a sense of comfort and familiarity to Peter. (Image 1, 2)
Connection: Posters
Image 1
S2E22 - Over There (Part 2)
Connection: Posters
Image 2
S3E15 - Subject 13

S3E18 - Bloodline

  • Fauxlivia (about her mother in "Over There (Part 2)"):
    "Well, the last few years have been hard for her. My sister died during childbirth."

    In "Bloodline" a pregnant Fauxlivia worried that she was a carrier for VPE, the same disorder that led to her sister's death.


S3E20 - 6:02 AM EST

  • In "6:02 AM EST" Walternate trapped Fauxlivia in the same cell as Olivia was kept in in "Over There (Part 2)". (Image 1, 2)
Connection: Olivia
Image 1
S2E22 - Over There (Part 2)
Connection: Fauxlivia
Image 2
S3E20 - 6:02 AM EST

S3E22 - The Day We Died

  • Peter (in "Over There (Part 2)"):
    "I don't know what you heard about me, but changing the laws of physics might be slightly above my abilities."

    In "The Day We Died" Peter used the Machine to rip holes in both universes and bridge them together.


S5E10 - Anomaly XB-6783746

  • Captain Windmark (about Michael in "Anomaly XB-6783746"):
    "Like all anomalies, he was scheduled to be destroyed. But he went missing. It was a great mystery in my time. No one knew what became of him."

    Michael's disappearance in the future was a mystery, like Peter's disappearance in the Redverse.

    Fauxlivia (in "Over There (Part 2)"):
    "You know, when people find out that you're back... you're gonna be famous."
    "What do you mean?"
    "Well, your kidnapping. It's a famous story."