Season 5, Episode 07
Aired: November 16th, 2012
Written By: Graham Roland
Directed By: Eagle Egilsson

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In this episode, a new videotape in the plan demands technology that William Bell kept hidden from the team. Happy to see her old friends, Nina Sharp helps retrieve the crucial elements. Meanwhile, Peter works an independent angle against the Observers and scores a minor victory.

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Walter discusses how he trusted Bell before Bell betrayed them to gain favor with the Observers.

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Observers are featured in this episode.



Previous Episode Clue

The bell-shaped lamp in the pocket universe in 'Through the Looking-Glass and What Walter Found There' foreshadows the team gaining access to William Bell's storage facility in 'Five-Twenty-Ten'.

Previous episode clue

Next Episode Clue

The scaffolding near Kelvin Genetics in 'Five-Twenty-Ten' has "Oracle" written on it, foreshadowing Simone's oracle-like sensibilities in 'The Human Kind'.

Next episode clue


  • Bell was with the Fringe team because Walter needed him for access to the beacons.
  • Bell told the Observers where to find the Fringe team, causing them to amber themselves for protection.
  • Walter called Astrid 'Agnes'.
  • Bell stole Walter's David Bowie album 'The Man Who Sold the World', which describes what Bell did multiple times for his own benefit. (Image 1)
  • Peter was able to activate the beacon summoner because it sensed him as an Observer.
  • 05/20/10, the combination Bell always used, was the air date of the season 2 finale and therefore the day he died in the original timeline.
  • Peter and Walter are both losing themselves.
  • Peter's hair is starting to fall out. (Image 2)
Item of interest: Walter's bowie album
Image 1
Walter's bowie album
Item of interest: Peter's hair
Image 2
Peter's hair




Walter called Astrid 'Agnes'.


"Before the invasion you had been talking with Bell. He said that he wanted to help you defeat the Observers. That he realized how important this was. And then he betrayed us to gain favor with them."
"He came, and I trusted him."


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Connection chart: Five-Twenty-Ten


S1E01 - Pilot

  • In "Five-Twenty-Ten" Walter recognized the location of the beacons as a lab at Kelvin Genetics. In "Pilot" Olivia told Peter that Kelvin Genetics was the classified US Army experimental program that Walter (and Bell) worked for.
  • In "Five-Twenty-Ten" Peter swapped an Observer briefcase with one that would infect them with the translucent skin toxin that nearly killed John Scott in "Pilot".

S2E14 - Jacksonville

  • Walter (in "Jacksonville"):
    "Five... twenty... ten... I always use the same combination, though I can't remember the significance."

    The combination to access Bell's safe in "Five-Twenty-Ten" was 0-5-2-0-1-0, the same combination Walter used to access the daycare center.


S3E02 - The Box

  • In "The Box" Bell wrote to Nina in his will "And for the precious few we had alone in Tuscany, a memento of me." In "Five-Twenty-Ten" Bell's old safe had a picture of Nina in Tuscany. (Image 1)
Connection: Picture of Nina in Bell's safe
Image 1
S5E07 - Five-Twenty-Ten
Picture of Nina in Bell's safe

S3E03 - The Plateau

  • Peter ran possible futures in "Five-Twenty-Ten" to try to coerce the Observers to be where he wanted them to be just like Milo Stanfield did to his doctors in "The Plateau". (Image 1, 2)
Connection: Milo running futures
Image 1
S3E03 - The Plateau
Milo running futures
Connection: Peter running futures
Image 2
S5E07 - Five-Twenty-Ten
Peter running futures

S3E12 - Concentrate and Ask Again

  • The combination to Bell's safe in "Concentrate and Ask Again" was 0-5-2-0-1-0, the same combination used in "Five-Twenty-Ten". (Image 1)
Connection: Bell's safe
Image 1
S3E12 - Concentrate and Ask Again
Bell's safe

S4E15 - A Short Story About Love

  • Olivia (to Nina in "A Short Story About Love"):
    "When the day comes... if I don't remember this, I want you to try and build something with me again. Don't give up on me. I love you, Nina."

    Olivia gave Nina a hug and a kiss in "Five-Twenty-Ten", suggesting that they reformed a personal relationship.


S4E19 - Letters of Transit

  • Walter stole Bell's hand in "Letters of Transit" to gain access to Bell's personal storage unit in "Five-Twenty-Ten". (Image 1, 2)
  • Walter's password at Massive Dynamic in "Letters of Transit" is 0-5-2-0-1-0, the same as the combination to the Jacksonville daycare center and to Bell's safe in "Five-Twenty-Ten". (Image 3)
Connection: Bell's hand
Image 1
S4E19 - Letters of Transit
Bell's hand
Connection: Using Bell's hand
Image 2
S5E07 - Five-Twenty-Ten
Using Bell's hand
Connection: Code to Bell's safe
Image 3
S5E07 - Five-Twenty-Ten
Code to Bell's safe