The Abducted

Season 3, Episode 07
Aired: November 18th, 2010
Written By: David Wilcox, Graham Roland
Directed By: Chuck Russell

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The Abducted

The Glyphs

This episode's glyphs spell: E-S-C-A-P-E

Olivia tried to escape from the Redverse back to the Blueverse by breaking into the Liberty Island facility and using the sensory deprivation tank.

Glyph symbol EGlyph symbol SGlyph symbol CGlyph symbol AGlyph symbol PGlyph symbol E
Glyph symbol E
Glyph symbol S
Glyph symbol C
Glyph symbol A
Glyph symbol P
Glyph symbol E

The Observer

The Observer can be seen outside the diner where Olivia and Henry meet.


Timestamp: 05:00

Episode Clues

Previous Episode Clue


Previous episode clue

Next Episode Clue

A sign outside of Astoria Holy Witness Church in 'The Abducted' says "He That Enters Here Shall Be SAVED!". The bond formed between Olivia and Alt Broyles while working this case is ultimately what saves Olivia from death and allows her to return to her universe in 'Entrada'.

Next episode clue

Timestamp: 25:27

Fringe Division Case File



FRINGE EVENT: Age-regression serum

AGENTS ASSIGNED: Lee, Dunham, Francis

SUPERVISING AGENT: Secretary Bishop, Colonel Broyles

FILE ARCHIVED BY: Chrstiano de Lima

WITNESSES/CONTACTS: Emily Clayton, Wyatt Toomy (Candy Man), Reverend Marcus (accomplice)

LOCATION: New Yonkers, NY; Astoria Church; 1068 Kent Street

VICTIM(S): Max Clayton, Amanda Holt, Christopher Broyles


Under the Peter Bishop Act of 1991, Fringe Division investigated the home abduction of eight-year-old Max Clayton. The discovery of sucrose in the recovered fingerprints connected the case to the unsolved Candy Man abductions that included Colonel Broyles's son.
 The Candy Man was a male suspect who had a bald head and wore a mask. He struck every two years, taking a random child between the ages of seven and nine. Each child was returned with posterior cerebral cortex incisions forty-eight hours later, and suffering from massive internal degradation; none was ever the same again. Two victims, including Christopher Broyles, reported being taken by suspects of two different ages, but these victims' remembrances were discounted.
 Referencing a pre-Fringe case (unknown to this division) of a suspect draining hormones from pituitary glands, Agent Dunham theorized the kidnapper was actually one person utilizing pituitary hormones to reverse his own aging. In a new interview, Christopher Broyles remembered a prayer said by the Candy Man: "Through the pitch dark comes a cleansing fire." The phrase led them to Astoria Church and Reverend Marcus's men's group member Wyatt Toomy. At Toomy's apartment, they found Max Clayton. Suspect Toomy attempted to shoot Agent Dunham, but she successfully downed the suspect. That night, Reverend Marcus broke into the Broyleses' home to abduct Christopher Broyles—again for his greater plan to please God—but Colonel Broyles mortally wounded the suspect.

The Redverse

  • There's a New Yonkers in New York.
  • The Peter Bishop act of 1991 says that every kidnapping is treated like a possible Fringe event.
  • Red Vines are a new candy.
  • Their F.B.I. ceased to exist more than a decade ago.
  • A voice on the radio in Henry's cab can be heard saying "Leading politicians from two of the three major parties favor the..." suggesting that American politics in the Redverse has three major parties as opposed to just two in the Blueverse.
  • The movie Casablanca may not exist in the Redverse because Fauxlivia was totally unfamiliar with it.
  • They have a 'Quarantine Zone' board game ("Can you escape before it's too late?").
Redverse: New Yonkers
New Yonkers
Timestamp: 02:24
Redverse: Red Vines
Red Vines
Timestamp: 17:11
Redverse: 'Quarantine Zone' board game
'Quarantine Zone' board game
Timestamp: 03:38

Notable Quotes

WALTERNATE: "There is no crime more heinous than the theft of a child."

Connection Chart

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Episode Connections

S1E02 - The Same Old Story

  • In 'The Abducted' Olivia, as she regains more and more of her real memories, recalls the case in 'The Same Old Story' where a man drained hormones from pituitary glands to restore youthfulness.

S1E16 - Unleashed

  • Olivia noticed the book "Burlap Bear Goes To The Woods" in Max's room in 'The Abducted'. This is the same book Rachel read to Ella in 'Unleashed'.
Connection: Burlap Bear
Burlap Bear
S1E16 - Unleashed
Timestamp: 48:42
Connection: Burlap Bear
Burlap Bear
S3E07 - The Abducted
Timestamp: 07:39

Spoilers for future episodes below!

S4E19 - Letters of Transit

  • The opening scenes of 'Letters of Transit' reference Casablanca (a man named Rick owning an upscale nightclub). Peter and Fauxlivia watched Casablanca together in 'The Abducted'.
Connection: Casablanca
S3E07 - The Abducted
Timestamp: 41:08