One Night in October

Season 4, Episode 02
Aired: September 30th, 2011
Written By: Alison Schapker, Monica Owusu-Breen
Directed By: Brad Anderson

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One Night in October

The Glyphs

This episode's glyphs spell: L-I-M-B-U-S

A limbus is a distinctive border or edge. Professor McClennan's fate was balanced on a knife's edge; the presence or absence of one single interaction determined whether he'd be a professor or a serial killer.

Glyph symbol LGlyph symbol IGlyph symbol MGlyph symbol BGlyph symbol UGlyph symbol S
Glyph symbol L
Glyph symbol I
Glyph symbol M
Glyph symbol B
Glyph symbol U
Glyph symbol S

The Observer

The Observer can be seen in the hospital behind Olivia and Broyles.


Timestamp: 40:38

Episode Clues

Previous Episode Clue

A rail tanker in 'Neither Here Nor There' has "Brain Freeze" spray painted on it, foreshadowing the memory extraction process used by the killer in 'One Night in October'.

Previous episode clue

Timestamp: 29:56

Next Episode Clue

Professor McClennan's professional library in 'One Night In October' contains the book Killer Mindscapes by S. Pores, foreshadowing the fungi that can form mental connections with people from 'Alone in the World'.

Next episode clue

Timestamp: 09:17

Items of Interest

  • Walter called Lincoln 'Kennedy'.
  • Walter's pose as he listens to the Mozart Requiem is a reference to the iconic Maxell tape advertisement from the '80s. (Image 1)
Item of interest: Walter listening to music
Image 1: Walter listening to music
Timestamp: 13:06

JJ Abrams Easter Eggs

  • The killer committed 23 murders (Lost).

Fringe Division Case File

U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
121 105th Street • Washington, DC 20735
Phone: (202) 555-2100 • Fax: (202) 555-2101


FRINGE EVENT: Forced extraction of human memories

CLASSIFIED CASE CONNECTION(S): Serial killer, Over There universe

AGENTS ASSIGNED: Dunham, Lee, Bergmann (OH)

SUPERVISING AGENT: Broyles, Colonel Broyles

FILE ARCHIVED BY: Marvin Sommershof

WITNESSES/CONTACTS: John Louis McClennan (suspect; deceased; OT), Megan Miller (OT)

LOCATION: Norristown, PA (OT); Weir Farm, PA (OT)

VICTIM(S): Jeremy Roman (deceased; OT), Noreen Miller (OT), John Louis McClennan (OT)


*Highly classified—security access 7 and above*
Over a period of five years, twenty-three separate victims were abducted and then found dead with a piece of their skulls removed for brain access. The tissue was punctured and exposed to localized electrical charges, but the victims had died of cerebral hypothermia due to a chemical agent used to lower the brain's temperature. Only one victim revealed a clue—a stray hair that matched the DNA of John Louis McClennan (IQ 220).
 Over There requested that Agent Dunham escort forensic psychology professor John Louis McClennan to their side to consult on his doppelganger's residence and assist in profiling the serial killer. He determined the killer was jealous of people with happy lives. Personal items revealed the connection between the two men, and Professor McClennan escaped to pursue the killer on his own. The two confronted one another at the Weir Farm in Pennsylvania, and Professor McClennan's actions helped save victim Noreen Miller (32). The killer attacked Professor McClennan, and some of his core memories, including those of Margery (the woman who had altered his life for the better), were lost. However, the lessons she imparted remained, and he recovered and returned home. The killer committed suicide.

The Redverse

  • Their gas prices (in 2011) were $.99/gallon.
Redverse: Price of gasoline
Price of gasoline
Timestamp: 12:12

The Timeline Without Peter

  • Fauxlivia was still with Frank.
  • Charlie married Bug Lady from 'Immortality'.
  • Olivia killed her stepfather as a child.
  • Alt Broyles was still alive.
timelinewithoutpeter: Alt Broyles
Alt Broyles
Timestamp: 27:05

Notable Quotes

ASTRID to Olivia: "Do you ever think that maybe your type just doesn't exist?"

BROYLES: "At the risk of sounding sentimental, I've always thought there are people who leave an indelible mark on your soul. An imprint that can never be erased."

Connection Chart

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Episode Connections

S1E03 - The Ghost Network

  • PETER in 'The Ghost Network': "They say the psych profiles of cops and criminals are pretty much identical."
      The case in 'One Night in October' centers around two versions of the same man, each from a different universe, where one is a serial killer and the other is a professor of forensic psychology specializing in serial killers.

S1E06 - The Cure

  • OLIVIA about her stepfather in 'The Cure': "He kept a gun in the drawer near his bed. When he opened the door, I pulled the trigger. Then I pulled it again. And I can still see his face, almost daring me to finish. But I couldn't. So... they took him to the hospital and said that he couldn't be saved, but he didn't die. He recovered. Then one night, he just slipped away. We never saw him again."

    FAUXLIVIA talking to Olivia about Olivia's stepfather in the new timeline in 'One Night in October': "So what happened to him?"
    OLIVIA: "My stepfather? I killed him."