The Last Sam Weiss

Season 3, Episode 21
Aired: April 29th, 2011
Written By: Monica Owusu-Breen, Alison Schapker
Directed By: Thomas Yatsko

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The Last Sam Weiss

The Glyphs

This episode's glyphs spell: M-U-L-T-I

Glyph symbol MGlyph symbol UGlyph symbol LGlyph symbol TGlyph symbol I
Glyph symbol M
Glyph symbol U
Glyph symbol L
Glyph symbol T
Glyph symbol I

The Observer

The Observer can be seen in the crowd behind Peter Bishop when he looks for a pawn shop in New York City.


Timestamp: 29:02

Episode Clues

Previous Episode Clue

The lightning bolt bumper sticker on the rancher's truck in '6:02 AM EST' foreshadows the widespread lightning attacks in 'The Last Sam Weiss'.

Previous episode clue

Timestamp: 03:35

Next Episode Clue

The ID number "2026" on the squad car in 'The Last Sam Weiss' foreshadows Peter's experiences in the year 2026 in 'The Day We Died'.

Next episode clue

Timestamp: 15:59

Items of Interest

  • Sam's great-great-great-great-grandfather found the manuscript. The third and fourth Sams spent their lives searching for the manuscript's missing sections. The fifth Sam wrote the First People book.
  • Olivia is The Crowbar. (Image 1)
  • Touching The Machine made Peter forget about the Blueverse temporarily.
Item of interest: Olivia as
Image 1: Olivia as "The Crowbar"
Timestamp: 21:52

The Potential Future

  • Peter is a Fringe Division agent.
Potential Future: Agent Peter Bishop
Agent Peter Bishop
Timestamp: 41:45

Walter's Food

Walter wanted to eat some tapioca pudding, got sandwiches, fruit cups, vanilla pudding, and chocolate pudding from the hospital cafeteria, had a cup of tea, and ate a cup of instant noodles.
Connection: Sandwiches, fruit cups, and puddings
Sandwiches, fruit cups, and puddings
Timestamp: 07:00
Connection: Tea
Timestamp: 26:00
Connection: Instant noodles
Instant noodles
Timestamp: 30:42

Connection Chart

A visualization of all the ways this episode connects to other episodes. Scroll down to see the actual connections.

Episode Connections

S1E14 - Ability

  • Olivia, as 'the crowbar', needed to control the Machine with her mind in 'The Last Sam Weiss' like she did with the light box in 'Ability'.

S1E20 - There's More Than One of Everything

  • WALTER in 'There's More Than One of Everything': "To calm yourself, to forget what you were going through you took to collecting coins. This one was your favorite."
      When Peter was confused after getting zapped by The Machine in 'The Last Sam Weiss' he went to a pawn shop and bought that same coin from a pawn shop.
Connection: Peter in the pawn shop
Peter in the pawn shop
S3E21 - The Last Sam Weiss
Timestamp: 30:22

S2E01 - A New Day in the Old Town

  • Olivia needed to use her mental powers to stop The Machine in 'The Last Sam Weiss' and she used the quantum-entangled typewriter from 'A New Day in the Old Town' to practice with.
  • Olivia's test message for the typewriter in 'The Last Sam Weiss' was "Be a better man than your father," the English translation of the Greek phrase "Na einai kalytero anthropo apo ton patera tou" that she said in 'A New Day in the Old Town'.

S3E08 - Entrada

  • Olivia had been told the phrase "Na einai kalytero anthropo apo ton patera tou" by William Bell. She used its English translation, "Be a better man than your father", as a test message in 'The Last Sam Weiss' when she tried to control the quantum-entangled typewriter with her mind. Peter said this phrase to Fauxlivia in 'Entrada', who did not recognize it, which confirmed to Peter that she was an impostor.

S3E10 - The Firefly

  • DECEMBER in 'The Firefly': "But you were right. He's changed. He was willing to let his son die."
    SEPTEMBER: "Yes. And now we know when the time comes He will be willing to do it again."

      Walter accepted Peter's destiny in 'The Last Sam Weiss' and watched as Peter stepped into The Machine and activated it.
Connection: Peter in The Machine
Peter in The Machine
S3E21 - The Last Sam Weiss
Timestamp: 41:20

S3E15 - Subject 13

  • When Peter left the hospital in 'The Last Sam Weiss' he wrote "I am going home" on an envelope, the same phrase he wrote for Elizabeth in 'Subject 13' when he tried to return to his home world.
  • The quantum-entangled typewriter, which Olivia tried to activate with her powers in 'The Last Sam Weiss', finally started typing once Olivia saw Peter again; the combination of fear and love activated her abilities, as discovered in 'Subject 13'.
Connection: Peter's note
Peter's note
S3E15 - Subject 13
Timestamp: 01:38
Connection: Peter's note
Peter's note
S3E21 - The Last Sam Weiss
Timestamp: 25:39

S3E16 - Os

  • PETER to Olivia in 'Os': "I know you're all trying to help but it's not your face in that drawing, it's mine."
      In 'The Last Sam Weiss' a new parchment ("The Crowbar") was discovered that had Olivia's face on it.
Connection: Olivia as
Olivia as "The Crowbar"
S3E21 - The Last Sam Weiss
Timestamp: 21:52

Spoilers for future episodes below!

S3E22 - The Day We Died

  • WALTER in 'The Last Sam Weiss': "I have known you for a long time, Olivia, and I believe that the drawing was no accident. Whoever did it knew the same as I do: that you don't fail."
      In 'The Day We Died' Peter revealed that the person responsible for the drawings and The Machine was Walter himself.

S4E13 - A Better Human Being

  • OLIVIA in 'A Better Human Being': "Peter, I remember William Bell. I remember crossing over to bring you back. I remember Jacksonville and seeing you shimmer the first time we kissed. I remember you walking to The Machine and getting inside and being scared that you were going to die."
      As Olivia continued to regain her memories in 'A Better Human Being' she mentioned remembering the events of 'The Last Sam Weiss'.