Making Angels

Season 4, Episode 11
Aired: February 3rd, 2012
Written By: Akiva Goldsman, J. H. Wyman, Jeff Pinkner
Directed By: Charles Beeson

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Making Angels

The Glyphs

This episode's glyphs spell: E-M-P-A-T-H

Alt Astrid had a troubled relationship with her late father and wondered if their relationship would've been stronger if she was better able to express and understand emotions.

Glyph symbol EGlyph symbol MGlyph symbol PGlyph symbol AGlyph symbol TGlyph symbol H
Glyph symbol E
Glyph symbol M
Glyph symbol P
Glyph symbol A
Glyph symbol T
Glyph symbol H

The Observer

Observers are featured in this episode. One can also be seen watching the incident in the parking garage.


Timestamp: 21:57

Episode Clues

Previous Episode Clue

The Mallum family in 'Forced Perspective' lives next to a thrift store named Anges de la Pitié, French for 'angels of pity', foreshadowing Neil's perception of himself as a savior to those who would soon experience suffering in 'Making Angels'.

Previous episode clue

Timestamp: 30:02

Next Episode Clue

The sign for "Quimby Ale" outside of the liquor store in 'Making Angels' foreshadows the importance of the shop at the corner of Cyprus and Quimby in 'Welcome to Westfield'.

Next episode clue

Timestamp: 14:33

Items of Interest

  • Walter called Alt Astrid 'Astro'.
  • Walter starts to like Fauxlivia.
  • This is the first episode where the Observer is identified by his (code)name, September.

JJ Abrams Easter Eggs

  • The killer had TSA badge 0047. (J.J.)

Fringe Division Case File

U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
121 105th Street • Washington, DC 20735
Phone: (202) 555-2100 • Fax: (202) 555-2101


FRINGE EVENT: Toxic chemical poison that accelerates fated death


AGENTS ASSIGNED: Dunham, Farnsworth, Farnsworth (OT)


FILE ARCHIVED BY: Maiara Calixto, Nick Spagnuolo

WITNESSES/CONTACTS: Neil Chung (suspect; deceased), Dr. Brody

LOCATION: Logan International Airport, Boston, MA; Back Bay, Boston, MA; Boston Medical Center, MA; Reiden Lake, NY

VICTIM(S): Chet Williams, Carrie Watson, Jarid Colin, Anne Chung (mother), John Doe


Three separate victims were each killed by a poison composed of a complex interaction of chemical compounds. Chet Williams was diagnosed with stage 1 melanoma, a treatable cancer, but six hours later he was dead with blood coming from his eyes. A John Doe and Carrie Watson were also found dead, bleeding from the eyes and hemorrhaging from the nasal passage. Jared Colin was attacked by a man with an atomizer, but he escaped into the path of a car, which severed his spinal cord right below T1. Colin said his attacker had wanted to "put him out of his misery."
 Dr. Bishop assessed that the compounds shouldn't interact, but they did in an unpredictable way. He compared it to a legendary alchemical mixture called the "Tears of Ra," which Egyptians used to euthanize pets. Agents connected the victims through their air travel screening by TSA Security Agent Neil Chung. A former professor at MIT, Chung was brilliant and believed that math was the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe. He became obsessed with high-level differential equations that he believed, if solved, could flatten space and time on a level plane. He left MIT and moved to Reiden Lake and then began assisting God's plan with a blue cylinder and his toxin. Agents confronted Chung at his home, where he was shot dead.

The Redverse

  • They don't have Logan International Airport in Boston.
  • They don't have TSA.

Walter's Food

Walter had a dream about eggs, asked Alt Astrid if she wanted to share some scrambled eggs with him, asked if both Astrid and Alt Astrid would like to eat eggs with chives with him, asked for some vanilla ice cream, ate Red Vines, and had a bobbin.
Connection: Red Vines
Red Vines
Timestamp: 11:45
Connection: Bobbin
Timestamp: 38:30

Names for Astrid

Walter called Astrid 'Astro', 'Asterix', and 'Aspirin'.

Connection Chart

A visualization of all the ways this episode connects to other episodes. Scroll down to see the actual connections.

Episode Connections

S2E15 - Peter

  • DECEMBER about the time-viewing device in 'Making Angels': "You're right. It's September's."
    MARCH: "He must have lost it in 1985 the night he didn't save the boy."

      In the season 4 timeline, Walter tried to save/kidnap Peter just like he did in 'Peter', but September never saved them from the icy lake.

S4E05 - Novation

  • DECEMBER in 'Making Angels': "You're right. It's September's."
    MARCH: "He must have lost it in 1985 the night he didn't save the boy."

      In 'Novation' Peter realized that the Observer's lack of action that night is what changed everything.
    WALTER: "That lake where we crossed over was frozen. The ice broke. We fell through. I tried to hold on to him... but he drowned."
    PETER: "The Observer didn't pull us out of the lake that night? Well, that must be it, Walter. It all makes sense now. That has to be what happened. I was supposed to die that night in both universes, but when I didn't, I became a paradox, and now, for the two worlds to heal, I had to be deleted."

Spoilers for future episodes below!

S4E16 - Nothing As It Seems

  • OLIVIA to Fauxlivia about Peter in 'Making Angels': "Yeah, I imagine he's just your type."
    FAUXLIVIA: "Actually, no. Turns out I like the nice guys."

    PETER to Lincoln in 'Nothing as it Seems": "You're a good guy."
    LINCOLN: "Yeah. I'm a good guy."

      Fauxlivia eventually ends up with Lincoln.

S5E12 - Liberty

  • OLIVIA to Fauxlivia about Peter in 'Making Angels': "Yeah, I imagine he's just your type."
    FAUXLIVIA: "Actually, no. Turns out I like the nice guys."

      In 'Liberty' Fauxlivia and Lincoln were married and had a family.
Connection: Fauxlivia's family
Fauxlivia's family
S5E12 - Liberty
Timestamp: 26:08