Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

Season 5, Episode 01
Aired: September 28th, 2012
Written By: J. H. Wyman
Directed By: Jeannot Szwarc, Miguel Sapochnik

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Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

Episode Synopsis

The year is 2036 and the overpowering Observers rule. The Fringe team, preserved in amber for 20 years, is now a rebel resistance team fighting for freedom. Peter, reunited with his now-adult daughter, Etta, sets out to find out what happened to Olivia as they start their mission to save the world from the Observers.

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The Glyphs

This episode's glyphs spell: D-O-U-B-T

The Fringe team, particularly Walter, doubted they were up to the enormous challenges facing them.

Glyph symbol DGlyph symbol OGlyph symbol UGlyph symbol BGlyph symbol T
Glyph symbol D
Glyph symbol O
Glyph symbol U
Glyph symbol B
Glyph symbol T

The Observer

Observers are featured in this episode.


Timestamp: 28:08

Episode Clues

Previous Episode Clue


Previous episode clue

Next Episode Clue

The dragon poster in the marketplace in 'Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11' hints at the painted dragon in the steam tunnels in 'In Absentia' that guided the Fringe team back into the Harvard lab.

Next episode clue

Timestamp: 10:03

Items of Interest

  • September and Walter developed a plan to defeat the Observers.
  • Walter called Astrid 'Aspen' and 'Afro'.
  • Amber Gypsies carve people out of amber and sell them.
  • Windmark said "Nothing grows from scorched earth" to Walter and then later Walter saw a dandelion growing from rubble outside. He has hope. (Image 1)
Item of interest: A dandelion growing from 'scorched earth'
Image 1: A dandelion growing from 'scorched earth'
Timestamp: 42:24

Glyph Sightings

  • Butterflies can be seen in Etta's apartment.
  • A seahorse can be seen hanging from the taxi when Walter listens to music.
Timestamp: 16:25
Timestamp: 42:04


  • They ate egg sticks.
  • Observers paved over Central Park and filled it with machines that pump carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. There's one such zone on every continent. They need less oxygen-rich environments.
  • A handful of walnuts was worth roughly $3000.
2036: Egg sticks
Egg sticks
Timestamp: 03:42
2036: Central Park
Central Park
Timestamp: 06:29
2036: Walnuts
Timestamp: 11:42

Walter's Food

Walter ate an egg stick.
Connection: Egg stick
Egg stick
Timestamp: 05:08

Names for Astrid

Walter called Astrid 'Aspen' and 'Afro'.

Deleted Scenes

Walter's Brain

Connection Chart

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Episode Connections

S1E03 - The Ghost Network

  • ASTRID about Walter in 'The Ghost Network': "Music helps him process. It works, too. As soon as Peter started playing Walter just kind of locked in."

    CAPTAIN WINDMARK on music in 'Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11': "We tolerate it. But it's merely tones, rhythms, and harmonic vibrations. I don't understand."
    WALTER: "Mostly it amazes me. Music helps you shift perspective, to see things differently if you need to."


S1E14 - Ability

  • Markham took a liking to Olivia when they met for the first time in 'Ability'. Decades later in 'Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11' he buys her when she's stuck in amber.
Connection: Olivia in amber
Olivia in amber
S5E01 - Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
Timestamp: 12:34

S1E15 - Inner Child

  • The Observers had built machines to pump carbon monoxide into the atmosphere to make it less oxygen-rich in 'Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11'. The Child similarly needed a low-oxygen environment in 'Inner Child'.

S2E10 - Grey Matters

  • ASTRID in 'Grey Matters': "Why would someone do that, Walter -- make someone crazy?"
    WALTER: "Any number of reasons. It would make them insusceptible to interrogation."

      In 'Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11' Walter's brain was partitioned to keep Observers from reading his mind and learning his plan to combat them.

S2E15 - Peter

  • WALTER in 'Peter': "You can't imagine what it's like to lose a child."
      Peter had flashbacks of literally losing Etta in 'Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11'.

S3E05 - Amber 31422

  • Joshua Rose cut his brother out of amber in 'Amber 31422' just like Amber Gypsies cut people out of amber to sell them in 'Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11'.

S3E13 - Immortality

  • WALTER in 'Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11': "I fell in love in Japan once. I almost married her."
      In 'Immortality' Walternate had a Japanese mistress named Reiko.
Connection: Reiko
S3E13 - Immortality
Timestamp: 23:15

Spoilers for future episodes below!

S5E03 - The Recordist

  • CAPTAIN WINDMARK to Walter in 'Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11': "What are the stones utilized for?"
      The Fringe team acquired stones from a mine in 'The Recordist'.
Connection: The stones
The stones
S5E03 - The Recordist
Timestamp: 37:53

S5E09 - Black Blotter

  • The neon green fairy seen in the black market in 'Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11' is like the green fairy Walter hallucinated in 'Black Blotter'.
Connection: Neon green fairy
Neon green fairy
S5E01 - Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
Timestamp: 08:32
Connection: Hallucinated green fairy
Hallucinated green fairy
S5E09 - Black Blotter
Timestamp: 06:26

S5E12 - Liberty

  • Windmark probed Walter's mind so forcefully in 'Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11' that it caused blood vessels in Walter's eye to pop. In 'Liberty' Michael resisted Windmark's mind probe, and possibly probed Windmark's mind back, causing blood vessels to pop in Windmark's eye.
Connection: Blood vessels in Walter's eye
Blood vessels in Walter's eye
S5E01 - Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
Timestamp: 27:28
Connection: Blood vessels in Windmark's eye
Blood vessels in Windmark's eye
S5E12 - Liberty
Timestamp: 05:16