The Potential Future

Listed below are all the differences between the main timeline and the potential future timeline seen at the end of season 3, arranged by episode and with pictures and timestamps wherever appropriate.

S3E21 - The Last Sam Weiss

  • Peter is a Fringe Division agent. (Image 1)
Difference: Agent Peter Bishop
Image 1: Agent Peter Bishop

S3E22 - The Day We Died

  • The year is 2026. (Image 1)
  • There is a Fringe Division. (Image 2)
  • Ella is a Fringe Division agent. (Image 3)
  • They have suborbital tours. (Image 4)
  • The wormhole in Central Park led to the late Paleozoic era (roughly 250 million years ago). (Image 5)
  • Walter had a stroke that affected the right side of his body. (Image 6)
  • They have kappa radiation.
  • Walter is in jail for his crimes. (Image 7)
  • There's a vortex on the River Thames. (Image 8)
  • Broyles is a senator. (Image 9)
  • Olivia and Peter are married.
  • Olivia can control her telekinetic abilities. (Image 10)
  • The Redverse was destroyed by a wormhole, presumably created by The Machine.
  • Walternate is behind the attacks. (Image 11)
  • Walternate came to the Blueverse on a mercy mission to try to save his world and got stuck here when the Redverse was destroyed.
  • Walternate killed Olivia. (Image 12)
  • Steak comes in cans. (Image 13)
  • The former Federal Building in Boston is now Fringe HQ. (Image 14)
Difference: The year 2026
Image 1: The year 2026
Difference: Fringe Division
Image 2: Fringe Division
Difference: Agent Ella Dunham
Image 3: Agent Ella Dunham
Difference: Suborbital tours
Image 4: Suborbital tours
Difference: Wormhole
Image 5: Wormhole
Difference: Walter suffered a stroke
Image 6: Walter suffered a stroke
Difference: Walter in jail
Image 7: Walter in jail
Difference: Vortex on the Thames
Image 8: Vortex on the Thames
Difference: Senator Philip Broyles
Image 9: Senator Philip Broyles
Difference: Olivia's abilities
Image 10: Olivia's abilities
Difference: Walternate
Image 11: Walternate
Difference: Walternate killed Olivia
Image 12: Walternate killed Olivia
Difference: Canned steak
Image 13: Canned steak
Difference: Fringe HQ
Image 14: Fringe HQ