Season 3, Episode 16
Aired: March 11th, 2011
Written By: Josh Singer, Graham Roland
Directed By: Brad Anderson

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The Glyphs

This episode's glyphs spell: E-A-R-T-H

Glyph symbol EGlyph symbol AGlyph symbol RGlyph symbol TGlyph symbol H
Glyph symbol E
Glyph symbol A
Glyph symbol R
Glyph symbol T
Glyph symbol H

The Observer

The Observer can be seen in the crowd outside the Massachusetts Metal Depository.


Timestamp: 09:12

Episode Clues

Previous Episode Clue

The periodic table of elements in the Jacksonville daycare center in 'Subject 13' displays the element Osmium, the element featured in 'Os'.

Previous episode clue

Timestamp: 09:46

Next Episode Clue

A control box in 'OS' has a logo for "Gray Electric" with a lightning bolt symbol. This foreshadows the main suspect in 'Stowaway', Dana Gray, who had been struck by lightning multiple times.

Next episode clue

Timestamp: 31:15

Items of Interest

  • Jorge Garcia has a cameo as a Massive Dynamic security guard.

Fringe Division Case File

U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
121 105th Street • Washington, DC 20735
Phone: (202) 555-2100 • Fax: (202) 555-2101
E-mail: washington.fbi@fbi.com


FRINGE EVENT: Antigravity molecule




FILE ARCHIVED BY: Scott Walker, Devan Nolen

WITNESSES/CONTACTS: Security guard, Bill [redacted], Dr. Krick (suspect), Michael Krick

LOCATION: MA Metal Depository, Doyle St., Museum of Science

VICTIM(S): Koenig (deceased), Bill [redacted], Vince [redacted]


A security guard shot a floating thief at the MA Metal Depository. The guard said he found two men coming down from the roof. The victim's calf muscles were extremely atrophied. In the lab, Dr. Bishop discovered that the thief had a weakened immune system and rapidly depleting buoyancy that made his remains weigh a ton. Dr. Bishop found osmium mixed with lutetium in the thief's body. The elements were traced to Dr. Krick, who worked in aeronautics. He was contracted to develop a new alloy for military aircraft, a metal dense enough to keep pilots safe from ground fire, but still allow for flight. When he combined the two elements, the result was unexpectedly a new molecule lighter than air.
 Dr. Krick enlisted men suffering from muscular dystrophy to ingest his new serum so he could test its efficacy and shelf life. He even used them to steal more of the elements to keep his research going. Dr. Krick's son also had muscular dystrophy, and Dr. Krick's ultimate goal was to treat his own son with the final product. He was arrested, along with one of his subjects, trying to steal lutetium. Dr. Bishop's final determination was that Dr. Krick's serum should never have worked, but the breakdown of their universe was allowing it.

Walter's Food

Walter had Red Vines, said he created a baconberry-flavored cupcake frosting, asked for some licorice, ate some mints, and ate some more mints.
Connection: Red Vines
Red Vines
Timestamp: 01:28
Connection: Mints
Timestamp: 23:33
Connection: Mints
Timestamp: 31:13

Connection Chart

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Episode Connections

S1E20 - There's More Than One of Everything

  • The only reason the combination of two heavy elements made a new molecule that was lighter than air in 'Os' was because the fundamental properties of physics were starting to break down like Nina said they would in 'There's More Than One of Everything'.
  • William Bell had a bell on his desk in 'There's More Than One of Everything'. He rang it after he introduced himself. He did that to prime Olivia to receive his soul should he die in the future. Walter rang that bell in 'Os' and Olivia became inhabited by William Bell.
Connection: Bell on William Bell's desk
Bell on William Bell's desk
S1E20 - There's More Than One of Everything
Timestamp: 45:37

S1E21 - Unearthed

  • WALTER in 'Unearthed': "I propose that Rusk's murder and Lisa's rebirth happened simultaneously. In fact, it was his suddenly dispatched energy which jumpstarted the girl's body and brought her back to life."
      This is similar to William Bell's 'Soul Magnets' experiment that was enacted in 'Os'.
    WALTER about Bell in 'Os': "I know he's dead, I know that. But maybe we can bring him back. Look, one of his research projects. He posits here that a person's soul or consciousness continues to live on after death. And all it needs is a vessel or a host to return to."

S2E04 - Momentum Deferred

  • WILLIAM BELL in Olivia's memories in 'Momentum Deferred': "How do you like your tea?"
    OLIVIA: "I don't want any tea."

      Suddenly she found herself drinking tea, disoriented from the timeslips.
    WALTER about Bell in 'Os': "All he'd need to do was to prepare someone by inserting a microscopic soul magnet inside them. And he proposes using injections, food, or a cup of tea--"
      Bell put his soul magnets into the tea that Olivia drank.
Connection: Olivia drinking tea
Olivia drinking tea
S2E04 - Momentum Deferred
Timestamp: 25:37

S3E02 - The Box

  • William Bell left Nina a bell in his will in 'The Box'. Walter rang that bell in 'Os' which initiated Bell's soul magnet experiment.
Connection: Nina's bell
Nina's bell
S3E02 - The Box
Timestamp: 15:36
Connection: Ringing the bell
Ringing the bell
S3E16 - Os
Timestamp: 40:59

S3E11 - Reciprocity

  • In 'Os' Peter revealed to Olivia that he was working on the Shapeshifter devices that he collected in 'Reciprocity' by killing Shapeshifters.
Connection: Shapeshifter discs
Shapeshifter discs
S3E16 - Os
Timestamp: 41:47

S3E12 - Concentrate and Ask Again

  • Nina encouraged Peter in his relationship with Olivia in 'Os' because she knew his relationship choices would affect the outcome of the war between universes based on what Sam Weiss told her in 'Concentrate and Ask Again'.

S3E14 - 6B

  • WALTERin '6B': "Belly and I used to argue about this constantly: 'What happens to the body's energy after death?'. William theorized we should be able to capture that energy using what he called Soul Magnets."
    PETER: "It's a catchy name."
    WALTER: "He said if he were right, he would contact me from The Great Beyond. I haven't gotten the call yet."

      In 'Os' the team learned that Bell had enacted his Soul Magnet plan before death using Olivia as a host.

Spoilers for future episodes below!

S3E21 - The Last Sam Weiss

  • PETER to Olivia in 'Os': "I know you're all trying to help but it's not your face in that drawing, it's mine."
      In 'The Last Sam Weiss' a new parchment ("The Crowbar") was discovered that had Olivia's face on it.
Connection: Olivia as
Olivia as "The Crowbar"
S3E21 - The Last Sam Weiss
Timestamp: 21:52

S5E13 - An Enemy of Fate

  • The anti-gravity osmium bullets from 'Os' were used as a weapon against the Observers and Loyalists in 'An Enemy of Fate'.
Connection: Osmium bullet used
Osmium bullet used
S5E13 - An Enemy of Fate
Timestamp: 36:40