The Human Kind

Season 5, Episode 08
Aired: December 7th, 2012
Written By: Alison Schapker
Directed By: Dennis Smith

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The Human Kind

The Glyphs

This episode's glyphs spell: P-L-E-A-D

Walter pleaded with Peter to take the Observer tech out of his head before its effects became permanent.

Glyph symbol PGlyph symbol LGlyph symbol EGlyph symbol AGlyph symbol D
Glyph symbol P
Glyph symbol L
Glyph symbol E
Glyph symbol A
Glyph symbol D

The Observer

Observers are featured in this episode.


Timestamp: 23:12

Episode Clues

Previous Episode Clue

The scaffolding near Kelvin Genetics in 'Five-Twenty-Ten' has "Oracle" written on it, foreshadowing Simone's oracle-like sensibilities in 'The Human Kind'.

Previous episode clue

Timestamp: 10:39

Next Episode Clue

A banner behind Peter in 'The Human Kind' foreshadows the pixies Walter sees while high in 'Black Blotter'.

Next episode clue

Timestamp: 08:26

Items of Interest

  • There are 'Wanted' billboards for the Fringe team. (Image 1)
  • The Observer tech changes the brain by adding new ridges, replacing areas responsible for emotions for those related to intelligence.
  • Walter called Astrid 'Asner'.
  • Peter removed the Observer tech from his head.
Item of interest: 'Wanted' billboards
Image 1: 'Wanted' billboards
Timestamp: 08:28


  • There were 'Truth Churches' where Natives could meet Observers without fear of being read.

Walter's Food

Walter had a grape Red Vine.
Connection: Grape Red Vine
Grape Red Vine
Timestamp: 16:51

Names for Astrid

Walter called Astrid 'Asner'.

Connection Chart

A visualization of all the ways this episode connects to other episodes. Scroll down to see the actual connections.

Episode Connections

S4E16 - Nothing As It Seems

  • In 'The Human Kind' Walter tested the Observer tech implant on the brain of the Porcupine Man from 'Nothing as it Seems'.
Connection: Porcupine Man's brain
Porcupine Man's brain
S5E08 - The Human Kind
Timestamp: 17:28

S4E22 - Brave New World (Part 2)

  • In 'The Human Kind' Olivia shot her captor with "The bullet that saved the world," the bullet that Walter shot her with in 'Brave New World (Part 2)'.

S5E04 - The Bullet that Saved the World

  • Olivia shot her captors in 'The Human Kind' with the bullet she took from Etta in 'The Bullet that Saved the World'.
Connection: The bullet necklace
The bullet necklace
S5E04 - The Bullet That Saved the World
Timestamp: 41:07
Connection: The bullet necklace
The bullet necklace
S5E08 - The Human Kind
Timestamp: 35:22