Welcome to Westfield

Season 4, Episode 12
Aired: February 10th, 2012
Written By: J. R. Orci, Graham Roland
Directed By: David Straiton

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Welcome to Westfield

The Glyphs

This episode's glyphs spell: O-L-I-V-E

Olivia started to regain her memories from the original timeline in this episode, and the name Olive, her old nickname, hints at this reversion.

Glyph symbol OGlyph symbol LGlyph symbol IGlyph symbol VGlyph symbol E
Glyph symbol O
Glyph symbol L
Glyph symbol I
Glyph symbol V
Glyph symbol E

The Observer

The Observer can be seen standing with the stranded motorists watching the plane fall out of the sky.


Timestamp: 05:04

Episode Clues

Previous Episode Clue

The sign for "Quimby Ale" outside of the liquor store in 'Making Angels' foreshadows the importance of the shop at the corner of Cyprus and Quimby in 'Welcome to Westfield'.

Previous episode clue

Timestamp: 14:33

Next Episode Clue

The "Killer Bees" mascot name on the high school exterior in 'Welcome to Westfield' foreshadows the hive-mind abilities of the villains in 'A Better Human Being'.

Next episode clue

Timestamp: 22:19

Items of Interest

  • Olivia is starting to remember the original timeline.
  • When Theresa says "You're the man from the government. You're here about the air quality, aren't you." It's because she recognizes Walter as Walternate.

Fringe Division Case File

U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
121 105th Street • Washington, DC 20735
Phone: (202) 555-2100 • Fax: (202) 555-2101
E-mail: washington.fbi@fbi.com


FRINGE EVENT: Universes merging

CLASSIFIED CASE CONNECTION(S): David Robert Jones amphilicite experiments

AGENTS ASSIGNED: Dunham, Farnsworth


FILE ARCHIVED BY: Nikolas Glogowski, Mark Hibbing


LOCATION: Westfield, VT

VICTIM(S): Cliff Hayes (father), Big Willy (deceased), Lacey Hayes (daughter), Angela Hayes (wife)


Atlantic Flight 591 crashed in Vermont when a mid-flight disturbance created an electrical and hydraulic systems failure. There were no survivors, and the NTSB determined that the crash was connected to a concurrent ground event where every vehicle within two miles inexplicably lost power. The electromagnetic force in the area increased dramatically and left a residual magnetic force on all metal objects in the vicinity. Agent Dunham and consultants Dr. Walter and Peter Bishop drove through Westfield, Vermont, where they became trapped by the same force. They encountered wounded resident Cliff Hayes, who explained the extreme circumstances started three nights prior, when his sister shot her husband in the head, saying she had never seen him before in her life. She, along with almost all of the residents, became delusional and paranoid, and some became violent. Eleven survivors retreated to the high school, where Agent Dunham and the Bishops took Cliff Hayes and determined from a blood sample that the townspeople's chromosomes were doubled. Dr. Bishop theorized that Westfield was merging with the alter universe Westfield in a destructive overlap. The fundamental forces of physics were colliding and destroying everything. The Bishops calculated the place where the opposite forces met and canceled out—the eye of the storm—and guided the survivors there to wait inside a bike shop. They all survived, but only an acre of the town remained intact. Investigators found several amphilicite-powered devices, which linked the event back to David Robert Jones.

Walter's Food

Walter made a cinnamon roll flavored cocktail, asked if they could go to a diner that advertised homemade rhubarb pie, ordered a slice of rhubarb pie and a coffee, and made crepes.
Connection: Cinnamon roll flavored cocktail
Cinnamon roll flavored cocktail
Timestamp: 02:41
Connection: Rhubarb pie and coffee
Rhubarb pie and coffee
Timestamp: 11:58
Connection: Crepes
Timestamp: 41:42

Connection Chart

A visualization of all the ways this episode connects to other episodes. Scroll down to see the actual connections.

Episode Connections

S1E01 - Pilot

  • In 'Welcome to Westfield' Peter mentions that (original timeline) Olivia first met him in 'Pilot' when he was attempting to scam two Iranian businessmen.

S2E11 - Johari Window

  • As Olivia started remembering things from the original timeline in 'Welcome to Westfield' she mentioned the case in Edina from 'Johari Window'.
    PETER: "You think the Army's involved in this?"
    OLIVIA: "I mean, something of this magnitude... a whole town? Perhaps it was a military experiment gone wrong, like that case we caught in Edina."
    WALTER: "Where's Edina?"
    OLIVIA: "Uh, upstate New York. Remember, the whole town's population was disfigured from the military experiment?"
    WALTER: "We never had such a case."
    PETER: "I investigated a case in Edina with my Walter, and my Olivia."